THE BLACK FRONTLINE is an oral history project framing the pandemic through the stories of global Black healthcare workers in three countries on three continents.

They are on the frontline and they are a lifeline. They are connected, not geographically but through the devastating arms of a global pandemic. They are masked, marginalized and they offer a mirror into the intersecting worlds of inequality, structural racism, injustice and poverty. These are their stories – of struggle, sacrifice, courage, community, devastation, hope, horror, anger, fear and fearlessness. They are the global healthcare warriors whose numbers have become headlines, but whose stories are untold. We invite you into a world of the colliding realities of structural racism, inequality, gender, health disparities and their manifestations in community, society, nation. It is these intersecting entities that THE BLACK FRONTLINE #TheBlackFrontline will reveal through this project that connects narrative, data, lived experience and first-hand voices.

We are gathering stories from Black doctors and nurses in USA, UK, and Ghana. 100 from each country. Our vision is to connect these stories to strategies for structural change within the world of healthcare. It is to center their experiences, the triumphs, the challenges, the pain, the victories, the horror, the devastation, the community, the creativity, the camaraderie, the frustration, the discrimination, the innovation of Black doctors and nurses. The world will be able to re-imagine this pandemic through the lens, the emotional lives, the losses, the leadership of global Black doctors and nurses.

As we hunker down for another wave, as lockdowns re-emerges across nations in Europe, as numbers spike again across multiple states in the US, and as numbers begin to rise again in Ghana, The Black Frontline is timely, urgent and vital.

This project is an invitation. We are reaching out to Black doctors and nurses to share their stories, and to participate in this project.

To the doctors and nurses on wards, in hospitals, working shifts, navigating converging pandemics, to your families, your loved ones, those who worry how you will get through the shift, stay safe, come home, only to get up and do it all over we again, we say Thank you.

We’ll start there. For all that you do, have had to endure, are challenged by and struggling with; for the victories, for finding courage and for keeping on. This is an invitation to hear from you, to share your journey, and your stories so the world can better understand, and we can make change. This oral history project is a journey into your world, in order to change ours.

THE BLACK FRONTLINE is the vision of The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice, and it is co-directed with COVID Black. It is made possible with funding support from The Skoll Foundation.

This is an invitation. We're inviting Black doctors and Nurses working with COVID19 patients in these three countries – UK, USA, and Ghana - to participate, and share their stories. Please contact as follows:


Site Manager
Abigail Bernard
Email: [email protected]


Site Manager
Joan Mukogosi
[email protected]


Site Manager
Esther Armah
[email protected]



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